Rector:       Rev. Dr. George Porter, (office: 345-6898)

Layreaders:             Brenda O’Neill

Wardens:       Rector’s Warden       Marg Boone

      Deputy Rector’s Warden      

People’s Warden       Jim Green

      Deputy People’s Warden       David Reid

Organist & Choir Master & Director of Music:       Erik Riekko

Chancel Guild:       Contact:       Margaret Boone or Erminie Reid, Co-Presidents

Flower Convenor:       Audrey Love

Servers Guild: Contact:      

WELCOME MINISTRY (includes Hosts, Greeters, Lesson Readers, Offerings of the Gifts, Eurcharistic Assistants)

      Contact:       Erminie Reid

Prayers Of The People: Contact:       Brenda O’Neill

Sunday School: Contact:       Audrey Love

Advisory Board:       Rector, Wardens, Treasurer.

Chairperson:       David Reid

Members At large:       Mary Ripley; Brenda Coopman; Al Chisolm; Brenda O’Neill; Dale Sparkes; Audrey Love; Sharon Corston;

Eucharist At St. Joseph’s Hospital, Glacier Ridge: Contact:       Rev. Dr. George Porter

Home Communions: Contact:       Rev. Dr. George Porter

Church Family Care And Their Ministries: Co-ordinators:      

The Prayer Chains: Contact:       Bernice Richmond Or the Rector

Prayer Shawl Ministry: Contact:       Gloria McKay

Screening In Faith Volunteer Co-ordinators:       Marg Boone

Sunday Bulletin: Contact:       Gail Pell

Newsletter Contact:       Call Church office 345-8898 (Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri mornings) or Sharon Corston

Property Committee: Contact:       Al Chisholm, David Reid

Primates World Relief & Development Fund:       Linda Rintamaki

Mission To Seafarers:       Marg Boone

Camp Gitchigomee: Rep:       David Reid

Coffee/Fellowship Committee: Contact:       Marilyn Chisholm

Mother’s Cupboard For Aids Committee Of Thunder Bay: Contact:       Wayne Edmunds

Craft Group: Contact:       Brenda Coopman

Reception Committee: Contact:       Audrey Love

Parish Gardeners: Contact:       Erminie Reid

Nearly New Sale: Contact:       Joan Green or Erminie Reid

St. John’s Cupboard: Contact:       Dale Sparkes