We are:

Christians, part of the Anglican communion;
representative of all ages and all economic groups;
racially and ethnically diverse; of differing sexual orientations;
married, partnered, single, divorced, and widowed; adults, youth and children;
and drawn from all areas of the city, as well as downtown,
sharing hospitality in worship, mission, and fellowship .

But More, We are:

grounded in awesome faith to the hope and potentiality God provides all people;
sympathetic to the struggles that many of us experience throughout life;
aware of and knowledgeable about the legacy of prejudice, abuse and violence;
indignant about injustice and inequality;
a people of love, inclusiveness, and healing;
humanly flawed, seeking enlightenment and the Spirit of truth;

But Above All, We are:

committed to living in respectful community, in God’s name.


We Value:

We value being part of the Anglican Communion: we trust in the Anglican balanced approach to faith, holding together Scripture, Reason and Tradition.
We value honesty and genuineness.
We value Christian formation and fellowship (discipleship, and relating to and enjoying one another).
We value tradition and the history and heritage of St. John’s Church. A significant part of our identity is tied to the remarkable building we use every day.
We are a church community, a people on a journey of faith.


We Aspire to:

Build a Christian community, welcoming, reflecting and embracing the diversity of our unique neighbourhood.
We welcome people by trying to live beyond the categories of race, ethnicity, citizenship,
religious identity, sexual orientation, age, and economic class.
We aren’t perfect at this, but our conscious self-examination has begun to build a
congregation that looks more like the city we serve and the world we live in.
We find it a joy and a challenge to learn to live together.
We believe that true transformation comes as people experience the gracious love of God at work in their lives through the welcome and love of God’s church.


We Affirm:

The parishioners of St. John the Evangelist Anglican Church

affirm the integrity and value of all human beings,
regardless of race, nationality, gender, orientation, ability, or economic class.
In Christ all are equal.
We commit ourselves to standing, as Jesus does,
with the outcast, the denigrated, and afflicted,
seeking justice and peace in the freedom and embrace offered by Christ to all peoples.

Affirmation is from a Vestry motion, Values and Aspirations are from surveys of parishioners

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